Buzzfeed Internship


In the summer of 2016 I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work as a brand design intern at BuzzFeed in New York city. Buzzfeed is a cross-platform, global media and news company that receives over 400M monthly page views and was named Fast Company’s #1 most innovative company in 2016.

While there I worked on print, merch (T-Shirts, stickers, etc), identity, product icon, and motion design. A few of these projects are shown below, along with process work! In addition to these projects I also helped out with tons of other projects both small and large, from assisting with Youtube video end cards, to helping to rethink the entire structure of the future of the brand design team at BuzzFeed.

It was an incredible summer and an incredible experience.



I was tasked with creating an identity for a global community service initiative called Global Service Week. I started with more detailed sketches but was struggling so I decided to take a different approach than I have in the past. I tried sharpies, brush pens, and even broke out an ink brush set, and made way too many sketches. I scanned in some of my favorites, and vectorized them to make a final logo!


Original Sketches
(my friend pushed me in a chair to make these videos LMAO)
gsw_lockup_v2aFinal Logo Lockup
gsw_tagline_v2Secondary Catchphrase Lockup


T-Shirt Mockup



I created a logo for an internal club for the women employees of Buzzfeed. Each month they would have a new notable woman in the tech industry come in to give a talk. The logo was used in emails, posters, and printouts. I started once again with hand sketches to get my ideas down quickly, then moved to illustrator to create some more in depth versions.


Original Sketches



Illustrator artboard lookin like Aaron Draplin had a field day
Three Final Lockups, club manager chose the bottom middle!

BetaFunny Logo Animation

My boss created a logo for a new BuzzFeed Motion Pictures series titled BetaFunny. He asked me to work some motion magic on it to give it some life for the intro sequence of the show! This was an incredibly cool project to get the opportunity to work on, and is especially cool to be able to see the logo in use on the videos on Youtube. I went through TONS of revisions on these, and below are just a few of the “final” solid versions. Each of these versions had 10-12 revisions that led to it.


BuzzFeed Material Product Icons

BuzzFeed’s Android app icons were outdated. I remade them to follow the material spec.