CardBoard for Chrome: Material Icon, Feature Images

I worked with the developer of the CardBoard for Chrome new tab page to develop a new icon and some feature images for the extension. This is what he had to say about the experience:

“I may be biased, but I don’t care. When I ask for help and someone answer that call, I immediately like this person. Casey offered to help me make an icon for an open-source project. I obviously didn’t know what was the experience going to be like but I wasn’t worried at all. After a good first contact, we discussed about the idea behind the project. I once made the mistake not to let the designer express his vision. So I let him take the lead, giving feedback only once in a while. Was not disappointed.

The result was clean, well-thought. I’m happy now and I find it really cool that Casey gave a bit of his time for an non-profit project.”


This was the result.

512 Material
A full materialized version of the icon, with proper lighting, shadows, and colors

512 Flat

A flat version of the icon to be used as a logo. Can be converted to monochrome to use as a logo anywhere required.

Small preview image920x680

The previous image scaled up1400x560Preview image to be used if the extension is featured on the front page of the Chrome Web Store.