Slack Video Chat Animations

I was contacted by a friend I had previously worked with, Tim Lampe, to animate some illustrations he had created for Slack’s new video chat announcement. The project was extremely fun to work on and I hope to be able to work with Slack again soon!

Animation 1

This was actually the only animation that ended up being used. It demonstrates what slack looks like when a video call is in process. Users can have emoji reactions that appear next to their video thumbnails, and problems can be solved easier overall using video.

Animation 2

This animation was meant to convey that teams in multiple locations, as well as people working from home, could now collaborate over video. One location initiates the call, another location joins, and everyone is connected!

Animation 3

This first animation was meant to convey that conversations which couldn’t be solved or communicated well over text could now be better solved through initiating a video chat. The users are confused, and then start a video chat, implied by the video “radar,” they then discuss the problem, the video chat ends, and everyone is happy!