Throw Something Together: Material Icon & App Illustrations


I worked with the developer of Throw Something Together on the UI of his app. What was originally 5 simple buttons on a screen grew into something really nice to use, as well as to look at. I designed the following illustrations to depict the various categories of food within the app. I helped the dev create an intuitive UI that was material to the best of his programming abilities, and I also redesigned the icon to conform to Material Guidelines.


The App icon, featuring a recipe book with a magnifying glass to signify searching through recipes. The icon was simplified for phone screens, this is the one featured larger on the play store.


Illustration for ProteinsProduce

Illustration for ProduceDairy

Illustration for Dairy

Starches and Fats

Illustration for Starches/FatsSpices and Other

Illustration for Spices


Illustration for Custom ingredients





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January 24, 2015