In this unit, students worked with business school students in two different classes.

It was a bit confusing to work on and put this unit together. Our first student came alone, so none of his team was there to assist him in talking about their proposed product. Additionally, the team had switched their entire project to be something new the week before the workshop, so he didn’t have much information. This was both bad and good: good, because we were able to help him wrap his head around the project a bit more with illustrations and design thinking, but bad because he had very little information for us to work with.


The second workshop went a bit better, with students being more prepared and with more information.

In both sessions, my group consisted of many thinkers and one illustrator. As thinkers, we came up with scripts, ideas, and other general thoughts. Mika, our illustrator for the project, then translated those ideas into drawings and storyboards.


We started by laying out a business model canvas. All of us ideated with the business student to come up with the ideas surrounding his core product. His user base, who he’d need to partner with, and even some future potential ideas for the platform. The student had only come prepared with a spreadsheet showing his financials, so coming up with these things was really helpful for him.


The final deliverable we gave our student to walk away with was a Sqvid diagram. Together our group thought about the core ideas of the business, both from an analytical and a more imaginative standpoint. Mika then translated these ideas into illustrations.


In the second session, we watched a presentation from another business student team. This one was much more cohesive, and we were able to come up with some better assets for them to walk away with. The main asset we created in class was a storyboard of a user who would use manucharge. The storyboard took multiple timelines, and we showed what might happen in a situation without manucharge vs with.


In addition, I took a look at the project later again and created another SQVID diagram to help them imagine it from an analytical and imaginative’s brain perspective.

Overall, this project had its ups and downs. I think it was fun to take a little field trip outside of class and work with some students, but as some of my fellow vis lang students pointed out to me, some of the business students were… less than enthusiastic about the project as a whole. Many thought they were just going to come, sign an attendance sheet and leave. I heard some of my classmates say their initial business students were straight up rude to them, which isn’t cool at all.

It’s my fault, but I was a bit unclear overall as to what was supposed to be happening after each of the workshops as well. I wasn’t sure if we would be in contact with our initial student again, or if we were supposed to continue to develop one, both, or neither of our projects.

So, working with people outside the class is definitely cool, but I think things might be better with a more clear and organized path in the future.