The aim for this project was for students to research the history of a certain type of illustration and create and organize an infographic into a letter sized sheet of paper.

As tended to be the theme for me working on projects in this class, I went completely off the books and did the history of UI design. I had originally intended to do the history of street art but pivoted at the last moment.

I started by reading several articles on the history of UI in general, many of which went all the way back to the industrial revolution. This changed the scope of my project: while I had originally intended to only do the history of what we know today as modern UI design, my history now went back to the origin of the “user interface” et all.

I created a timeline of all the most important developments, just using text first. (unfortunately, again, no photo of this, but I showed it in class). I then converted each of those events into illustrations. Below is the final result.

My final illustration was actually a lot more fleshed out than it needed to be, but could definitely use further refinements if wanted.

I actually enjoyed this project a lot. I liked learning deep about the history of UI, and I’m really happy with how my final infographic and illustrations turned out.