Yik Yak Design Work

I’m writing a series of more in depth articles about my time at Yik Yak. Read Part 1, redesigning Yik Yak for Android, here.

At Yik Yak, I worked on Brand Design and Product Design for Android. I illustrated and animated 30+ pulldown animations for the top schools that use Yik Yak, as well as for several other special events. I created illustrations for merchandise, posters, and for use within the app. On the product design side, I redesigned the Android app’s look and feel through several iterations.


Pulldown Reel

Still probably among one of my favorite things I’ve ever created, this is a reel of all the refresh animations I made during my first summer at Yik Yak. The project I was assigned was to create illustrations for the top 30 schools that used Yik Yak, and then animate them. The animations were then shown at the top of the screen when a user pulled to refresh at each specific school.

Sharing Animation

This was the first full length animation I made for Yik Yak. The version featured on social accounts was a cut down version of this, but this was the full length. It was created to introduce the sharing feature of Yik Yak. Illustrations were created by my manager, and I animated the video. We worked together on the storyboard.

Handles Video

Another video I animated while at Yik Yak, this one to introduce handles, which added usernames to people’s yaks. Characters were created by my manager which I then animated. The format of this video was cool because the individual character animation segments could be split up into separate identities and social media posts, or made into gifs, which they were for twitter.

DMs Video

The third and final video I created, this one to introduce DMs. Assets were created by a freelance illustrator we brought in, and then he and I collaborated on a storyboard and I animated the video.




Yik Yak for Android Redesign

Pictured to the left is the final product of the Yik Yak for Android redesign. It went through several iterations over the course of several months. I began everything with simple wireframe sketches, and then taking everything into sketch to create real mockups. I wrote a more in depth article about the full redesign here!

Pictured below is an earlier iteration of the design, featuring a nav drawer and a centered floating action button.






Each week an email is sent out, containing the previous week’s top Yaks. I usually do an illustration for the top of each email, and often animate it too. These animations and images are often reformatted and cross posted across various social media accounts. These are a few of my favorites, in no particular order. Make sure you click to see the animation!

Below are some posters I created for a campaign run by Yik Yak to encourage people to download the app. Over 100,000 of these were printed and sent to campuses throughout the world.